Financial Solutions is the name of our company and the Location is in center of Athens, Capital City of Greece   member of E.U., with tel. 00 30 210 – 8818416, and e-mail :  manager@financialsolutions.gr   
F.S. has many years of experience ( since 1986 ) in the Greek and European  market (Trade, Financial Consulting, Import – Export )  in the field of marketing, International Trade, and Agricultural Support ( critical and important Information for  Imports and Exports )  and research and gaining more customers and develop new working methods.  Our company is constantly evolving; utilizing modern innovations in international business analysis and monitoring the global economic problems.

Also, follow the latest developments in food and agricultural sector, focusing its activities in producing environmentally friendly   products and quality certified agricultural products.

 Today, modern agriculture no longer focuses on reckless and uncontrolled production yields without limits and rules. Modern agriculture is based on the biodynamic method of crop plants (organic foods).
Our organization is engaged in research and development. Its main activity is to focus on finding innovative companies and manufacturers that focus on integration and innovative / advanced methods, ideas and products to both internal and external market.

Our goal is to help companies that are interested in import, export and promotion/advertising of products in the Greek market. We aim to establish a business portal as an absolute solution for finding any kind of products and services from Greece to Bulgaria/Chine/Russia (and vice versa) and to world market.
F.S.’ target is to be an Important Trade Gate between Greece and E.U/Russia/China/India/Asia.
A team of professionals (economic and business consultants, designers, engineers, lawyers etc.) review and investigate each case individually and in depth!

we give you any kind of Information (about Greek Product) for Free! 

We seek cooperation with similar companies in Russia/China/Asia.
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     “ 金融解决方案 位于希腊首都雅典市中心电话0030 210 8818416 邮件信箱financial.solutions11@gmail.com . 金融解决方案”( 以下简称F.S ) 1986年创立以来在欧洲的市场贸易金融咨询进出口在市场营销,国际贸易,尤其是农业方面提供给客户最为重要的进出口资源信息拥有多年的经验和研究,受到日渐增多的客户欢迎并不断更新我们的工作方式。创新是我们公司宗旨:利用全新的解决方案帮客户分析国际商务和监测全球金融危机。
       根据最新农业和食品方面的发展,我们主要工作集中在生产环保产品和质量认证农产品上。 今天,现代农业不再是一味追求没有限制和规则的生产效益率,而是基以生物动力法(有机食品),提供更加优质的食品。

         F.S 愿成为中希商业交流的桥梁。

e-mail :  manager@financialsolutions.gr      Athens Greece -  Global Infobroking Service